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MOMS Club® of Champlin/Anoka/ Dayton, MN

Membership Info

We hold monthly membership meetings on the third Friday of every month with speakers, discussions, and other fun activities.  Children are always welcome to attend these meetings.

Annual membership dues are $25.00 per year and cover supplies, postage, newsletter preparation, national registration fees, etc.  No mother will be left out of MOMS Club because of financial status.  If your family is unable to pay the dues, contact can be made with any board member to have dues reduced or waived.  We want you and your children to join us.  There are always other ways to contribute to the club.  

If you are interested in joining our chapter, please email us at MOMSClubcad@yahoo.com  Prospective members may attend up to three activities in a public area (meeting, park, library, etc) before deciding to join.  If you need information about a Chapter in a different area, please contact International MOMS Club® at momsclub@aol.com or visit www.momsclub.org

Neither MOMS Club® of Champlin/Anoka/Dayton, MN or the International MOMS Club® endorses any advertiser seen in conjunction with this website.  Neither the MOMS Club of Champlin/Anoka/Dayton, MN or International MOMS Club nor its members may benefit from that advertising.