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Caring MOMS

Caring MOMS of Champlin/Anoka/Dayton, MN


     The objective of Caring MOMS is to provide help and support to MOMS Club members during a difficult transition period in their life.  The transition period may be defined as a birth, death, job loss, serious illness, temporary or permanent loss of spousal support, household move, or any other challenge which may arise.  This service is available to all members of our chapter.

     Members are notified when a need arises, and you may volunteer to provide this much appreciated support.  There are a variety of ways in which to help.  You can provide a meal, make a thoughtful phone call, send some flowers, send a card, make a friendly visit, or baby-sit.

     If you know of any member who is going through any type of transition in her life, please let the Coordinator know.  She will then contact members to request help for our fellow mom in need.

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